Why I Serve

Charlie Williams joined the Board of Associates in Christian Counseling in spring, 2012. His first exposure to the ministry came through the annual banquet.

“I am a member of the New Canaan Society that meets weekly at River Birch Lodge,” said Charlie. “Scott Gerding invited me to attend ACC’s banquet where Bobby Jones, the basketball great, was the guest speaker. I thought this is great, the Atlantic Coast Conference and one of its own stars is the speaker! Bobby Jones did speak but the program highlighted the work, caring and ministry of what the other ACC – Associates in Christian Counseling — is doing and how it is so vital for our community.” Charlie was not disappointed, however, and has not missed a banquet since that one in 2008!

Mr. Williams has met many members of Associates’ Board through New Canaan. He got to know their commitment as well as their passion for what Associates’ is doing. “I felt it was an honor to be asked to serve by others whom I know and admire,” he said. “I also think that when we are asked to serve, it is our responsibility as Christians to try and help in anyway we can.”

Many people and families within our community are hurting. “As a friend once told me, ‘If you think you are the only family with problems, it just means you don’t know people as well as you thought.’” Williams believes that Associates provides the outlet for people to come and learn ways to deal with issues within a Christian perspective.

“The staff of this organization has a true passion for what they are doing. It isn’t a job to them, but a calling. They have a heart to minister, counsel and help those in our community that need their services. They are truly special,” shared Charlie.

Charlie Williams is Vice President Wealth Advisor, BB&T

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