Mike Linville is President and CEO of Talon of NC, LLC.. He has been in the technology industry since the early 1990’s and is passionate about his business and the resulting relationships with customers and employees. Along with this, the companies he has led have won many business awards including a Business Ethics award for which he is most proud.

All in all, Mike’s passion for solving problems with technology has afforded him the opportunity to assist hundreds of clients. By discovering, planning, and implementing multi-faceted technology solutions, he has assisted them in solving complex business needs.

Educated in Electronics, Computer Engineering, and Business Administration with over 30 years in the technology industry, Mike is an Entrepreneur at heart. As a result, he is always looking for the next opportunity to create a product. In so doing, he strategically positions the product and builds a business solution to meet specific customer needs.

Mike believes as Christians, we are ministers in our day to day lives and works diligently to share the love of Christ with our daily encounters. Mike relies on the support and encouragement of his family and enjoys spending time with them. Happily married to Jo, his wife of 38 years, they have two adult children and four wonderful grandchildren.

Mike Linville is  President – Talon Healthy IT

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